A  B  O  U  T     U  S  

     We are a visual effects and 3D animation company focused on producing creative content for television, internet and film productions. It’s the merger between two companies that previously worked together in several productions since 2009: VIRTUE VFX and OVNI VFX.
      VIRTUE VFX, based in Mexico since 2008, has been operating in a global scenario with its main clients in Mexico and the United States. Its core activity was providing consulting services to film productions, providing pipeline development for the production of visual effects and executive productions of live-action features, as well as full CG animations.
      OVNI VFX, based in Brazil, has always been a reference in postproduction, visual effects and 3D productions. It is nationally and internationally renowned for the quality in its photo-realistic visual content production and for its pioneering techniques in animation and 3D rendering. In particular its distinguished use of GPU photo-realistic rendering and crowd simulation. It also worked with sensorial experience productions in many other formats and platforms like projections, multidimensional visualizations, and many other techniques. 
         In 2016, through the merger of these companies, A B D U C T emerges to strengthen the work processes that best serve our clients and to integrate the teams of artists and collaborators from both countries, making the best of each know-how and maximizing the production quality and capability. 
       A B D U C T stands for abduction, and this is what we want all those who work with us to experience the fantastic world of multidimensional visual effects. 

B  O  A  R  D

Albert Florencio

Professor of the MBA in Marketing at FGV, he holds a Ph.D. in Intelligence Technology and Digital Design, a Master in Economics from PUC-SP, a degree in Economics from Insper (IBMEC-SP), an MBA in Economics of the Financial Sector from USP and a specialization in Mergers and Acquisitions by UCLA - USA. His career began as an entrepreneur in 1999 when he founded Netsun, one of the first internet providers in Brazil. He has worked as an executive at companies such as Brasil Telecom, .comDomínio, MStech and Positivo Informática. With extensive academic and market experience he specializes in the areas of strategy and UX ("User Experience"). He led research and development projects for companies such as Coca-Cola, Bauducco, Porto Seguro and CNA.

Rodney Costa

Founder of Virtue VFX, he is a film and television producer and a visual effects senior supervisor. For over 18 years in the industry, Costa gathers in his resumé several TV and film commercials, as well as being a production consultant and visual effects senior supervisor in many countries like the U.S., Guatemala, Mexico, and Brazil. He has filmed and directed several celebrities, like Nicole Kidman in a commercial shot in Nashville, among others. His most recent achievements are the Netflix Award in Mexico, with a 12-second film in which he worked as executive co-producer, visual effects supervisor, and colorist. He acted as a senior VFX and production consultant in the feature “Little Chicken’s Egg-cellent Adventure” which made more than 9 million dollars in few weeks.

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Teisson Fróes

Founder of OvniVFX, he is a creative director, visual effects supervisor, researcher, and developer in several programming languages. He is also a specialist in photo-realistic rendering for 3D visual effects and has worked in the advertising and film industry for over ten years. He was also a post-production senior supervisor and composer. Addicted to making projects and ideas happen when other people would call them “impossible,” Fróes uses high tech summed with creativity to bring to life experiences in diverse platforms like films, online videos, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc. He is one of the most respected professionals in Brazil, especially by the community that supports free software. Using a hybrid of free and commercial software, Fróes demonstrates with his work that the collective development of free tools can, and should be, an important ally in high-level productions.

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